KodeKLIX™ - Combining Electronics, Coding and FUN!

KodeKLIX™ was created with the vision to educate our younger generation in electronics and associated sciences through a motivating and fun-to-use platform.

In today's electronic world it's unlikely that an old-style battery circuit with a flashing LED will still capture the imagination of a budding genius! They may not be ready to design their first gizmo, but KodeKLIX™ will get them on the way.

Choose from coding with BLOCKLY or KodeKLIX's IDE

Use SnapCPU to power all you snap-circuit style projects

Electronics and Coding

KodeKLIX™ adds an electronic microcomputer, called the SnapCPU™, to your electronic snap projects. Combined with easy to learn coding this provides a simplified way of teaching electronic systems and programming fundamentals; breaking the process into smaller tasks, so that concepts are easier to learn and master.

The SnapCPU™:

  • supports input and outputs including LEDs and buttons, through to playing tunes
  • includes a built-in utility with project code for those not ready yet to write their own

Works with all popular brands

The SnapCPU system and kits can also breathe life into existing snap-circuit style systems; allowing them to now be controlled digitally with code you write.

Expandable with online resources

The KodeKLIX™ website is continually updated with projects for existing kits, downloadable resources and the opportunity to share your creations with others.

KodeKLIX™ is great for:

  • Students and Geeks alike
  • Anyone aged 8 - 108 years
  • Anyone interested in making a start in electronics or coding
  • Teachers keen to foster a passion for electronics or coding in their students
  • Existing Snap-Circuit or Brainbox hobbyists

Order your KodeKLIX™ SnapCPU™ or Starter Kit now to get started!

Integrating KodeKLIX into STEM

Sample kit including the hardware and software available for eligible schools to trial. Contact KodeKLIX with your course details to request one. Discounts available for classroom sets.

About the KodeKLIX™ Creator:

KodeKLIX™ is the latest offering by Nick Coplin. Nick is well known throughout the Commodore 64 community for the 64HDD and DriveGhost software plus a range of related hardware. With two young children, Nick has a passion to see the younger generation not only play with computers, but to understand how they work and how to control them. KodeKlix along with the original PUP handheld console was launched in 2011.