PUP™ - easy to start, limited only by your imagination.

PUP™ was created to bridge the gap between simple flashing LED circuits and an all-out game system. The PUP™ consoles allows budding developers to gain an understanding of the building blocks used in electronics and game coding. KodeKLIX™ is an easy-to-use interface that allows users to develop simple sounds, graphics and gameplay by controlling chips, screens and buttons.

KodeKLIX™ lets you download and run apps you create on to real electronic hardware. The PUP™ consoles provide the key elements of a simple handheld game system – screen, sound and user control; all in a handy pocket sized package!

The PUP™ is based around a single chip computer or microcontroller. The chip used is a PICAXE microcontroller. This “brain” is programmable with an easy to learn programming language known as BASIC. Hardware projects and expansions are also available from the shop.

The handheld design is pre-loaded with heaps of features other systems just don't include for the size or price...

PUP console

PUP console

Note how the standard PUP™ hardware fits neatly into a pocket-sized iPhone casing and features an extensive number of input and outputs, including controls, screen and sound, and expansion.

In addition to using PUP™ as a full-function hand-held game console, the unit can be used for all sorts of custom projects. Through clever resource management, additional features such as external memory and expansion allow the hardware to be a platform for the hacker, data-logger, or remote controller.

ProjPort12 expansion port includes signals for I2C, power and uncommitted PICAXE data pins. Jumper configured or use one of the expansion boards.   Slim, low profile assembly. Alkaline battery for longer life. Volume and screen contrast pots included.

PUP™ is expandable through the ProjPort12 and other connectors with a range of ProjPort12 Expansion Boards and Projects. These boards connect to your PUP view the ProjPort12 connector. Most include a jumper block to control the personality of the PUP™, and the expand it with additional interfaces, memory or input/output. Some of the cards work on the I2C protocol supported by both the PICAXE 20M2 and 20X2 chips, others are direct IO. These expansion boards can be found in the KodeKLIX™ Shop.

Included with the KodeKLIX™ download for PUP™:

Space Invaders Remake of the classic alien blaster. Control your defender left and right as you take on the attacking aliens. Your shield is weakened by every one that lands. Nine levels of increasing pace to keep you going.

After Burner Remake of the top gun classic. Bank left, bank right. Use your left and right cannons to blast the oncoming enemy jets. But watch for those missles on your tail for which there is no option but to pull up and out of sight.

Gyruss A different type of alien blaster with a radial motion as the aliens head at you from the distance. Fly through the solar system collecting level bonuses. Another 1980's classic remake.

Crazy Taxi Collect fares and then deliver them to the destination 1-9 shown. Your GPS will tell you whether you need to head north or south. Deliver all nine fares in the allocated time to clear the level and progress to the next map.

Wall-E A collect-em-up game based on my son's favourite robot, Wall-E. Open boxes and collect contents; zap the sentinels for extra points and to clear your way through to the next level. Nine levels to complete.

Burnout! A driving game with a difference. Accelerate and complete as many laps before running out of time or crashing. Add to that, bonus dollars by taking out your rivals; simply drive over the $ and your target rival is identified.

Alien vs Robots Another collect-em-up based on the Aliens vs Monsters movie that my son so much loves. You play B.O.B. (or Blob as my son prefers to call him) as you find your way out the electrified maze, past robots and bonus treasures.

Sample 5x8 Programmable Graphic Characters:

Mini-Stickmen Mini-Monsters Rory's Creations Ellie's Creations Special Characters

Mini Aircraft Mini Helicopters Mini SkyLander Graphics Mini Cars Mini Faces